"James Peris is a game very well done, that will not leave lovers of graphic adventures disappointed. We are also

attracted by the fact that it is designed by an entirely Spanish independent studio, and we hope that it opens the

doors to the video game industry expand even more in our country, since these guys have a lot of talent of ideas to

spare to produce more quality titles like this one. " -Tecnoslave 8/10

"Laughter and wit, what else can you ask for a graphic adventure?" -Uvejuegos 7,5/10

James Peris, is a noob and clumsy secret agent who will be assigned an ordinary

mission that will unleash the funniest and most absurd situations.

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Download free on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

An indie cartoon graphic adventure with classic interaction on screen and a lot of

inventory, a variety of original puzzles and original soundtrack. A lot of extras and mini-

games. With two levels of difficulty and a clue system for those who get stuck

somewhere with easy mode. Include all texts of game in English.

James Peris is a noob and clumsy secret agent who has just finished spyingschool.  For the first time you

will be assigned a really important mission, the search for another secret agent... although things will not

be so simple asit seems.

-I’m James Peris, secret agent -How many times have I told you not to mention that you are a secret agent?!

-Will I be able to pick up women? -You wouldn't pick up a women even if you had a voucher.

-A wrinkled CD!? That's an unusual sight. -I hate that habit of you of picking all the trash you find.

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A graphic Adventure by Pavo Entertainment
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We are a small group of developers that is dedicated to creating cartoon classic click and

point games. James Peris was our first independent product, we are currently working on

new projects.

Making Graphic Adventures like before.

Pavo Entertainment


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