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An indie cartoon graphic adventure with classic interaction on screen and a lot of inventory,

a variety of original puzzles and original soundtrack.

This time Peris will have to deal with a mafia boss and get the lost necklace of Sant Angelo,

one of the jewels created by Leonardo Da Vinci. At the same time, he will have to find the

mythical Holy Great Beer, a legendary artifact forgotten for centuries. Why leave such

important missions to someone so incompetent?

We have no such answer.


Contains sexual jokes, partial or full nudity and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This content does NOT represent the actual opinion of the creators.

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Pavo Entertainment

The new Point&Click Adventure of Pavo Entertainment

James Peris, the rookie secret agent 00.5 is back!

He will have to solve no more and no less than two missions;

yes, TWO missions in one game. Hence the 2 in the title...

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Also available James Peris 1

We are a small indie group making some cartoon click and point games.  James Peris was

firts independent production, actually we are working on new projects.

Making Point&click Games like before.

Play the prequel: James Peris No License No Control today!

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